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Priority Payment Schedule for Crisis Times
Yes! Crisis Happens to everyone at one time or another. Because creditors aggressively call, demanding immediate “check by phone” payments, consumers often panic and use mortgage, auto, or utility funds to pay unsecured debt. Consequently, their checking account is depleted to the point that they have insufficient funds to cover their secured debts: things that can be taken from you or you can be evicted.
Contact our Certified Advisors immediately for FREE confidential consultation if you sense crisis in meeting financial commitments. Knowing which bills are most critical and what to pay first can help establish priorities for your spending patterns and bring you to a real world perspective where you maintain control.
  • Pay all secured debts first.

    Home mortgage/Rent
    Child/Spousal Support
    Student Loan
    Income Tax Lien
    Utilities (Check for special programs and services for hardship)

  • Pay unsecured debts with remaining funds.

    Credit Cards
    Department Stores
    Small Finance Companies

  • Pay Medical and Personal debts with whatever remains.

    Hospital/Physician Bills
    Family and Friends

Ideally, you will want to pay all these debts and clear your credit report. With your signed permission, our Advisors can even assist you in contacting your creditors for a temporary Hardship. We help you build a bridge of communication and reduced payment plans until you are able to check out of “Hardship Hotel.” That does NOT have to be a permanent address for you!