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F.A.R.E. Debut Education

F.A.R.E.’s┬ámission is to provide exceptional debt education, to ensure financial independence, foster financial responsibility and to improve the quality of life for the betterment of society

Welcome to F.A.R.E.

Financial Awareness and Resources for Education

Many consumers have faced money management, debt and creditor issues in their lifetime and search for relief. At we believe that relief comes in the form of education which is one of our primary goals.

We have provided you with an informative online curriculum, which will arm and better prepare you to manage your personal debt. For example, some topics include: money management, interpreting your credit report, what creditors don?t want you to know, and rating yourself when it comes to spending habits.

Education in these areas and many others will place you on the path toward financial freedom. This will also allow you to make practical decisions regarding your finances. Please use our curriculum, ask questions, and visit our online questionnaire as continuing resource in your endeavor to reach your financial goals.

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