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Biblically Based Money Management Planning

Stewardship, Part 2


We are no longer restricted to the 23% minimum tithe!!!

We are free to give beyond our tithe; actually set our tithe based on the income we expect to harvest! Is that living under the Law? Of course! And Satan is a criminally minded intruder, seeking whom and what he may devour. To a tither, he is trespassing, arrested by the Word of God, and sent to crawl on his belly to the pit of poverty! He is unable to claim that you left your door unlocked so he could walk in and take possession of your goods: spiritually, intellectually, physically, or otherwise! We need a new revelation of living under the Law. Because of our laws in this country, no alien can trespass here and begin plundering our property or rights. The Law of the United States protects us, uses proper authority, arrests, convicts, judges, and prosecutes those who threaten our rights and privileges.

If, however, we have left our property open, unlocked, unprotected, or if we have helped someone commit a crime against others or even ourselves, the Law has greater difficulty protecting us and separating us from the consequences of punishment. Tithing provides God with the legal handcuffs to chain the enemy of our prosperity to the pit, and keep him from stealing from the blessings God has provided to our storehouse.

Jesus set the example of tithing to the synagogue even though he was in the full time ministry of His own. In the New Covenant your blessings are determined by your giving.

Types of giving that God will not honor or credit to your account: 2 Cor 9:7

  1. Any giving that is out of obligation
  2. Any giving that is not “hilariously joyful”
  3. Any giving when you are offended at anyone-Blocks your Blessing!!!
  4. Any giving that is not an “Act of Worship.”

In the New Covenant, giving is actually a direct indicator of your level of “Faith.” This is a true test of your spiritual maturity.

“God doesn’t really have your heart unless he has your wallet.” -Pastor Dan Backens

Stewardship involves “Fiduciary Responsibility”

Giving must be:

  1. Freely given
  2. A real joy to do
  3. In a spirit of freedom from anger at anyone
  4. Offering time should be as much a spiritual experience as the praise music time.

Here’s the Deal:

God’s Trust Department:

  • God provides all the financial resources
  • He asks you to take good care of, and be wise in, the use of the resources
  • He only wants 10% and you get to keep 90%.
  • He multiplies the 10% for an additional return of 100%!!!

First “American-Christian” Bank Trust Department:

  • You provide all the money to the bank trust department.
  • You ask the Bank to take good care of and be wise with 100% of those funds.
  • You do everything, but the bank keeps 5% and you get 95%.

Looks like God is offering a pretty good deal!

Business Partnership:

  • You agree to be in partnership with God.
  • God provides all the creative energy to you to succeed.
  • God supernaturally blesses your business far above what you could have done.
  • God gets 10% and you get 90%.
  • You are both of one mind, one Spirit, one accord, equally yoked.

Our Heavenly Father intended for His children to be blessed, to live in this world, yet not be part of it; to be eternally minded, not transformed to this world. In our prosperity covenant, He expected us to always increase, always abound in every good work. Even in the Commandments, His “Thou shalt not’s” were intended to steer us away from seeking answers from the ungodly. We never needed to covet our neighbor’s goods because we were to ask Him so that He would provide the Best, not just the same as the Jones’. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, that’s the first step. You have eternal life from this day forward. How you live out that life is determined by whether or not you allow Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life: your thoughts, emotions, decisions, relationships, finances?everything. Three daily tasks will set you in the place where you can receive abundantly from the Lord. Every day make opportunities for:

  1. Surrendering every part of your life to His Lordship and the standards He has set for His covenant children through the Scriptures.
  2. Seeking first His Kingdom on earth as in Heaven SO that all things (not just financial) will be added unto you – not taken away from you. He rebukes the devourer.
  3. Spreading the Good News of a saving relationship with Him to every person He places in your path; whether by going to the world or sending others.

Without these basic salvation principles in place, you are simply gambling that God will rescue and restore you from financial distress. Gambling with your eternal existence is far more dangerous than gambling with your financial future. A saving relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord – Don’t leave this course without It!!!

Prayer for Salvation and Baptism (Power) in the Holy Spirit
Heavenly Father, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, I ask in obedience to your word and the prompting of your Holy Spirit, that Jesus would come and live in my heart. Father, You promised that if I call on the name of the Lord I will be saved. I thank you that you hear my petition, and that the blood of Jesus is right now cleansing my heart, mind, and body of everything I have ever done against You or others. Forgive me Father and draw to my awareness things You want to cleanse or change from my past.

Teach me to walk in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, in the image of Jesus, my Lord. Now Father, I ask according to Luke 11:13 that You “give the Holy Spirit to me.” I ask that the infilling power of the Holy Spirit rise up from my born again spirit, Lord, and overflow in my heavenly prayer language of Tongues. Father that in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I would receive the evidence of tongues as confidence that I have the entire package of Gifts of Your Holy Spirit and that I will grow in Faith, Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Discerning of spirits, Working of Miracles, and Healings, Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues, and Prophecy. (1 Cor 12:3) I thank you Father and open my mouth in praise to You for Jesus, my Lord. I surrender my own agenda, my fears, and my voice as You give me utterance. Praise You , Lord.

NOW that you are IN Christ, you are a new creation. When you read God’s word it will quicken your heart to be obedient. The anointing of the Holy Spirit will teach you quickly, almost effortlessly, the scriptures you need to know for increased blessing. Continue to develop your prayer language daily so that God can speak wisdom into your spirit. He has already given you all things pertaining to life and Godliness. You must receive them into your spirit and allow them to grow outwardly through your soul (mind and emotions) and your body (senses and physical needs.)

Remember, the Lord is not trying to keep things from you; He is trying to get blessings to you. Some of your past behaviors and habits may be obstacles to those blessings. Allow Him to reveal to you what changes you hope to make. He instructs through His word, but often uses other believers. Guard your environment: whom you listen to, receive instruction from, and where you choose to worship. You become like those with whom you spend time. Look for Christ-like behaviors in others; Jesus said we would know true believers by their fruit. What are your friends producing? Faithfulness, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Meekness, Gentleness, Long-suffering, Self-Control? Let the Holy Spirit guide you and when in question of any decision, place Jesus in the center of your circumstance and ask, “Jesus, how would you respond to this?” Within seconds He will show you undoubtedly what the best response is. That will be your prompting from the Holy Spirit. You will sense the truth of the moment and be free to follow His leading.

Study the promises in the Bible concerning God’s covenant with believers. Read power books by proven Bible teachers and ministries. Follow the recommended reading list provided on the next page and contact the ministries listed for questions you have. Most important, become a member of a local fellowship of Fruit-Producing Believers. You need to become accountable to others who God will send you to for equipping as a mature believer of Christ, and who God can use you to minister to as you develop your gifts, talents, and calling that the Lord has for your life.

Be blessed, increasing abundantly more than you can ever ask or think that you may be a blessing to others more than they need ever ask or think.


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