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“I would like to take this time to personally thank all of your staff. I’m so happy to be debt free, I have made it, and it feels GREAT!… Your mission, service, and staff have been exemplary over the years and I thank you.”

“ is a great alternative to bankruptcy. Because of my family was able to get off the path leading to financial dependency and onto the right one that leads to independence. I would advise anyone in financial trouble with credit cards to call as soon as they can. Look at me, I’m forty-three and debt free!”

“We are so much more mindful of the future and the needs of our family as far as financial planning goes. We have the feeling of being hopeful instead of desperation and worry. We had to ask ourselves what were the advantages of paying our debts in full, and also, what kind of lifestyle do we want for ourselves? Our advisors provided the counseling and education to make right decisions.”

“I know in my heart that through your efforts, I will finally be able to put my life back together and live debt free.”
Christopher W.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much you helped me with my credit card debt. I would highly recomend you to any one that needs financial help. Thank you very much.”
R. M.

“ was here for both client and creditor, and showed genuine concern in my situation. This program was an answer to mine and my husband’s prayers. It saved us from bankruptcy and enables us to pay our debts.”
R. H.

“I wish to extend my greatest gratitude to the staff…they have been excellent sources of information and were friendly each time I needed updates or letters of recommendation. I have learned so much about my finances. Many thanks for a job well done! With’s help I am now debt free!”


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