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There are so few things we can feel in command of these days, but here are some valuable pointers for consideration when trimming your Spending Plan: Be sure you examine the fine print details of “Bargain Shopping!”

  • Coupons! Coupons! There has been a strong revival for stores to begin issuing coupons and specials. Sorting, evaluating, and cutting them out takes time, but it is great therapy and really keeps you in touch with price increases. Definitely watch for Double Coupon Days! With stores going out of business, great bargains are available. Word of caution, a 20% close-out sale is NOT a sale! Hold out for the 50-75%.(P.S. Eat BEFORE you shop. Shop alone when possible.)
  • No FEAR Buying! Do Not purchase items you “might” need next year. Too much can change by then.
  • Free Shipping! No one should be paying for shipping in this economy. Research on-line for the best savings. Avoid the “Free Shipping with purchase of $???” Always check on-line for BEST PRICE listings for lowest cost sale and free shipping. Then you have leverage with the local merchants. Shop Smart!! If the Free Shipping means you have to purchase items you really don’t need, the savings is NO Savings!
  • Map your Daily Route. Think your day through on a time schedule. Plan so you don’t have to back-track or double loop. No Speeding! Use less fuel. You will achieve a great sense of Executive Accomplishment by saving fuel, wear on your vehicle, and time!
  • Maintenance:

    Auto: Be Sure tires, oil, filters, and other vital systems are inspected regularly. Prepare ahead of time    for repairs and replacement of auto parts. Follow checklists in your Owner Manual. Denial causes expensive surprises!

    Household: Again, plan ahead for necessary repairs to avoid costly surprises. Strictly monitor climate  control, vent filters, water consumption, laundry efficiency, electricity, and appliances.

Request our LEAKY VESSELS checklist from our Financial Make-Over Workshops or one of our Counselor Representatives.. Begin a savings envelop from that list to apply to expenses, or to use for a special Movie Night out!