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Strong, healthy bodies don’t just happen. We see every type of fitness program repeatedly on info-mercials, especially this time of year. The instructors all look “Perfect 10’s,” and we actually start believing we can look like that, too…in 6 short weeks! The Key challenge here is “Eat Less than you Burn!” Well, in truth, we might, if we are not so far gone that we can’t catch our breath while walking.

Strong, healthy Credit Scores don’t just happen either. Financial Fitness is very similar to Physical, except we are struggling with over-limit balances, flabby credit card muscles, and a skin-tight wallet. One sneeze and you’ll implode!
So, we all need to exercise “Resistance” in some form or another: For most of us the challenge has simply been to RESIST “Spending More than we Earn!”   
GOAL: Debt Free America! That would be YOU!


  • Reduced finance charges! Reduced monthly payments
  • No more Late, Past-due, and Over-limit fees!
  •   Stop Collection Calls…Peace of Mind!
  •  Building CONSISTENT Payment History!
  •  Restoring and RAISING Credit SCORE!
  •  ONE monthly payment on YOUR pay schedule!
  •  Eliminating your Debt and poor spending habits!
  • A cheerful, Certified Counselor to personally encourage you and monitor your progre
Not as easy as it sounds? Maybe not, but let’s review our Counseling Program. Just as every gym needs a Personal Trainer, your Counselor coaches you in resisting the deceptions of over-spending. We help You design a spending plan realistic to your monthly cashflow. We work with your creditors when you are going through job transitions or other life events that threaten to interrupt or extend your payment plan. We personally help you tailor a lifestyle that is comfortable, within a realistic Financial Framework on which you can build the Image you once dreamed of for your future. Is it coming back to you?
So! Get your financial workout gear on, sketch out your new image for two years from now, and print it out to stick on your mirror. Skinny down on all your expenses, grab some extra work and start fire-hosing that debt. Your Personal Finance Trainer will instruct you on where to pay any extra income so that you get the best advantage with reduced finance charges. Be sure to let us know any time you are able to “Pay In Full” on a balance so we can contact the creditor for exact pay-off amount.
Let us re-locate you to the other side of debt and introduce you to your New Success Image !

NEC Monthly Spending Plan Worksheet.doc