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However you make it happen, it’s TIME to complete all your Income Tax forms for this year’s return. Whether you get $50. back or $5,000., it’s your hard-earned money and you refuse to waste one cent of it. Finally, you can get the one special perk you’ve been denying yourself all year that no one thought to get for your birthday or Christmas!

Oops! You told the diligent, responsible side of your brain! Now, here comes the list…

  • Balances on Credit Card Debts from the holidays…
  • Doctor bills from winter sicknesses, accidents, or surgeries…
  • Repairs on car or appliances…
  • Student Loan!

Sadly and very quickly, your return is dwindling to nothing more than a Starbucks treat. Life seems so unfair to the responsible consumer, UNTIL you need to get qualified for a loan, new home, or your next vehicle.

Is it worth the sacrifice and diligence? Of course, it is. (She said from the other side of Debt Mountain) Several scenarios come to mind, which you could create yourself. Let’s first look at your Credit Card Debt. If you see the monthly Finance Charges on your balances as a Silent Thief, sucking the life out of your monthly income, you can target your Tax Return easily on Paying that Balance IN FULL! (Paid In Full: Reset Your Financial GPS for Goal-Powered-Spending! available in paperback or e-Book at our website)

If you are enrolled in our Debt Management program, you have a licensed, Certified financial advisor at your disposal. Consult with us ahead of time to pre-plan what percentage of your return you would like to pay to eliminate your debt. There are several benefits from paying certain creditors more than others. ONLY SEND PAYMENTS THROUGH YOUR ADVISOR! We contact your creditors for exact Pay-Off balances before we send your payment. Also, we document consistent and positive payment history to be used in letters of recommendation for future loans or mortgage approval you may need. Plus, if there is ever a payment dispute, we have electronic records to back your Credit Report.

If you are NOT enrolled in our Debt Management program, you still have a licensed, Certified financial advisor at your disposal! Our Counselors are experts in creditor terms and payment procedures and will advise you properly on the best Pay-Down procedures for your money. Paying down the largest balance on your Credit Card Debt may not always be your best option.

Please, contact us, have friends and family contact us, with any questions regarding payments for Credit Card Debt or Collections. Our goal is Getting the MOST People out of DEBT the FASTEST! We are here to assist in every way possible to help you become a healthy, well-advised consumer. Expect Good Things this year from your Income Tax Return!

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