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This client, who chose to remain confidential, completed her Debt Management program in early 2012. As a step toward rebuilding her Credit history, she was advised to apply for one reputable credit card with an excellent low finance rate. These are the Real Life stories that get us up and at this job every day. How soon will YOU be working your exit plan from Debt Valley?

“I was enrolled on DMP from 2007 and I completed the program early 2012. I was consistent with the payments and very lucky when I was approved to purchase a new car Dodge Avenger 2010 in July 2010. Then, in July 2011 I was approved for new credit (Capital One credit card) once again with the help of one of the counselors at
I was advised  on to improve my credit and the best creditor to obtain and  manage my finances . I’ve learned that I do not need to have more than one credit card to manage my wants and financial  responsibility.
I can’t say THANK YOU enough and how grateful I am that provides such an extraordinary service to the people nationwide.”