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Tis the season of critical reports: health, financial, business. Each alert stems from over-extending in one way or another. We over-ate during the holidays, spicy, high sugar, high cholesterol foods, suffered lower resistance and consequences of viruses or colds “going around.” Perhaps, your alert came from post-holiday cutbacks due to an end of the sales season.  Possibly your alert was all three of these areas: you were ill from eating wrong, spent too much for Christmas and holiday parties, missed hours at work, or got laid off.

Now, the statements from all those charges are coming in the mail and bringing another huge surge of panic. You find yourself in Critical Condition! You already did not feel good. Now, you’re sure you have something terminal.  Who do you call first, your accountant or an ambulance?

Neither. Go sit in a quiet area, close yourself in and take a deep breath. NEVER do the first thing on your mind. That’s usually the last place you stopped thinking. Just as a surgeon doesn’t just throw you on a table and start cutting, you need to set all your financial xrays and results on a table, examine each objectively. Then accurately, professionally diagnose the first treatment, how that should lead to the second treatment, and if all treatments interact compatibly with the final treatment. Too complicated?

Well then, your FIRST step should be to call our Counselors for FREE  professional, unbiased, non-judgmental advise on the best way to treat the over limit balances. Just as you would never attempt to “handle” your own appendectomy, you should not try to do your own financial recovery. We are usually too critical of our overspending, too emotionally involved to be fair to ourselves, and most often, forget the anesthetic. Not to mention, you could puncture a major artery and  financially BLEED  all over the place!

Worse than trying to fix things ourselves is denying the symptoms altogether. Here is a Financial Health Chart you should check regularly. Initial Symptoms:


1. To PAY Credit Card Balances each month

2. To SAVE for emergencies

3. To Keep RESERVE Balances for Checking Accounts

4. By USING SAVINGS to Pay Credit Cards

5. By Using ONE Credit Card to Pay another

6. By Avoiding the Mail (Past Due notices) and the Phone

(Paid in Full, Westbow 2011: p.24 and 25)

Should any of these symptoms develop, DO NOT ATTEMPT to FIX on YOUR OWN! Seek immediate professional counseling from our agency at once!  You may be reading your reports or Financial xrays without the creditor insight counselors are trained to see. 

Our goal for 2015 is to GET the MOST people (YOU) Out of Debt the FASTEST! 

Special Offer: If you have $2,000 in credit card debt, a steady income, we will give you a FREE financial analysis and a FREE copy of PAID IN FULL! (Limit to first 100 applicants)