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I am writing in reference to a recent experience that I had with Darren, a debt counselor with your company, “Debt Free America.”

Unfortunately, at the beginning of this year I was laid off of my job. To add to an already unexpected situation, my son ended up with serious health issues literally a week after. Considering my career is in law enforcement not only am I held to a higher standard, but it is in my character to fulfill my obligations with my finances. I hold a clearance, and it is imperative to keeping employment in law enforcement to maintain it. Having credit issues could jeopardize my clearance, hence, my career. I tried to maintain my bills to the best of my ability considering the circumstances, to no avail.

I put in for employment with a different agency which, again, required a secret clearance. Without having my credit on track, I would not be able to transfer my clearance to the new agency, or even have a chance to be hired. This was the first potential employer to contact me since being laid off. I was literally at my wits end, and about to lose everything.

So I decided to call the “700 Club” for prayer for my situation. During the conversation with one of their prayer partners, theymentioned calling your company.

Of course, I did call, and I was connected with Darren. I can’t say enough about how well I was treated throughout the entire process. He was down to earth, very empathetic to what my family and I were going through. I never once felt embarrassed, nor did he ever make me feel that way. Things moved very quickly from there, and with very few issues, Darren worked out a contract to take care of my creditors. It was actually effortless on my part.Darren handled everything!

So, now for the good news. I ended up getting the job, thanks to God, the “700 Club,” DebtFreeAmerica, and of course Darren.

My family and I are so grateful. I had a wonderful experience (no more worries about my unpaid debt) now that DebtFreeAmerica took the wheel! Kelley, Frederick,  MD.