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Moving On UP! Borrowing Basics

Should you move to a better Credit Score neighborhood? Financial “Relocation” specialists at Community Credit Counselors will assist you in determining the most realistic financial address for your personal income, lifestyle, and circumstances. Welcome to adulthood. Credit is an adult activity with relative consequences and responsibilities.

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2016 Financial GPS Recovery: Game Plan for Spending!

So, How difficult can it really be to turn your financial life around? If there’s life after disease, after divorce, even after death, what is Life after Debt? Like each of the many life events mentioned, debt carries hidden packages of personality and character behaviors. Difficult as they may be within one person, add a spouse or life crisis event, and recovery takes on a much deeper challenge.

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How Much House Can I Afford? Household Percentage Guide Worksheet

How Much Can I Afford to Borrow?

In every financial transaction, there is a master and a slave. Choose wisely.

Because most of us enter the adult world without the basics of money management, a huge percentage of us are now heading “Back to the Basics” of simple banking, borrowing, and investing. Our basic tip for borrowing, with special emphasis on “Spend Less than you Earn,” is if you can live without it, DON’T Charge it!

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Targeting Your Cash Flow for Debt Elimination!

Of the many options available for eliminating #Debt, our most effective option is for clients to use a Target. Setting a Priority Payment Plan assures that the more critical secured debts are paid first. Secured debts, those in the Center of the Target, are those...

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So You Want to Buy A Home? Five Do’s & Don’ts to Successful Home Ownership

YOU can DO this!! Be cautious, wise, deliberate, and thorough in every area of planning. Create a Checklist and Timeline for what you want to accomplish and the date to be completed. Most Home Buyer Guides can provide these, but YOU need to tailor requirements to your personal lifestyle and income. Getting into a house is similar to getting into a marriage. You win the contract, but now you spend even more energy and attention maintaining it. You have to do what you signed to do!

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Natural Disaster Season: Too Little, Too Late? Victim or Victor in “Gone With the Wind?”

As natural disaster season comes back around this year, we are still refining ways to be prepared for the least impact possible. Too little, Too Late should no longer be our cry. We’ve also learned by now that we cannot depend on government to see the urgency in meeting our immediate needs over others… Powerful preliminary steps can be taken so that when you step out of that storm shelter this year, you step out as Victor, not Victim.

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