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While the Dollar is worth so little, best use of our “useless” dollar at this time would be to pay off all the debt we can! The BEST company to Make That Happen: Then, right on to increased cashflow strategies. Get BEYOND the place where “recession” can effect you! Whether you are a single mom, getting divorced, paying college loans, struggling with medical issues, we have options for solutions that fit your specific needs.

People often ask us if they should save money or pay off their bills. The answer is simply, “Which one will bring the greater return on your investment?” If the bank is charging you 9 to 23% finance charges for your debt, and only paying you 3-4% for your savings, why give Creditors one penny more of your savings while you struggle to pay off their finance charges on your cards? 

Your Credit Score improves from the Debt to Income Ratio  which is calculated on the amount of DEBT you owe, not how much savings you have.

Call now or refer someone you know who is struggling with these questions. Our Certified Financial Counselors will calculate your reduced monthly payment that puts most of your payment on the Balance, not just the finance charges. FREE-Confidential-Quick analysis of your Debt to Income Ratio and the months you will take to be Paid In Full!