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During and after college debts tend to add up from courses and genuine expenses for simply attending school. Though I had no college debt (was granted an assistantship for a master’s degree) I had accumulated several thousand from purchases and expenses in relocating. Of course, I had used credit cards for travel, setting up housekeeping in my townhouse, clothes for my new job, and groceries. Back then I wrote checks when possible. Still within three short years, I was paying more on finance charges for the credit cards than the amount of my purchases. Sure, we all come to recognize that harsh reality as we charge toward the $10,000 mark. The tragedy is that we feel stuck and unable to survive financially without the convenience of those cards.

Hopefully, you’re reading my glance backward before you charge forward, and you will be able to avoid some of the regrets. First of all, if you are already in debt, REVERSE the CURSE! Call and speak to us about how to begin eliminating the Debtly Demons from your treasury account. (800.234.6781) Otherwise, think carefully about what so many of us neglected to consider.

Within four years and $10,000 of credit card debt, I had already paid over $7000 just on interest! You might as well say I had rented my furniture, appliances, and clothes from the Bank! The tragic part is that most of my purchases were worn out or gone, and I was still paying for them with the interest payments. Now, that was only $10,000. Multiply and amortize that times the average 5 years with $25,000 that most graduates start with into adulthood! You end up dragging somewhere between a $15-20,000 Debtly Demon around for over 20 years without making one more purchase! Don’t believe me?





Chaser – Mastercard


$75.00 $100.00 $5,734.85 $25,000.00




$50.00 $45.00 $2,475.79 $3,424.03


Undercover Card service


$75.00 $90.00 $4,951.58 $7,162.47




$200.00 $235.00 $13,162.22 $35,586.50


* Savings based on industry assumptions

It will take you alone over 26 years to pay off these debts. But with DFA it should only take you 5 years.

Go to our website , pull down on TOOLS, and calculate it for yourself. We usually have “LiveChat” available so you can talk to a financial advisor with your specific details.

So, BEFORE you get trapped in Debt Valley,take that $10-25,000 and make a list of what you would rather to do with that much money AHEAD of the debt. Just think, “In five years I want have saved $______.___ to:

  1. Take a Cruise
  2. Buy a slightly new car
  3. Make a down payment on my first home; pay extra on my monthly mortgage
  4. Purchase new carpet-living room/bedroom set
  5. Start my own business! Go for another degree/career opportunity

We call this a Financial GPS Plan:Goal-Powered-Spending. As out of reach as these “dreams” may currently seem while you climb your career path, how much farther will they drift after five years of charging into that same future?

  • Cut pictures of your Goal and put them where you will see it every time you go to charge something.
  • Track daily spending so you SEE where all that LIQUID CASH leaks.
  • Post expected income and expenses on a month-at-a-glance calendar so you avoid surprises
  • Decide which items you can eliminate each week for a greater savings and available Cash Flow.
  • Do a talent inventory for additional income you could make a few hours a week
  • Evaluate your GPS with EVERY DOLLAR ON PURPOSE!

Like any unhealthy habit, Charging beyond your means to pay is addictive. You alone are the Boss of You. You alone will determine how far the little Debtly Demons can destroy your financial future. Credit cards are not any more evil than food, alcohol, caffeine, or meds. Everyone recognizes you’ve crossed the line of ABUSE control except YOU. Take command, early! Like NOW! As always, our certified financial advisors are always available to discuss options tailored to your GPS!