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A budget, or as we at DebtFreeAmerica call it, a spending plan, is a spreadsheet that shows the flow of money in your everyday life. It can help you determine where you are over spending as well as help you correct unwise spending habits.

A budget should include:

  • Net Income (Exactly what you bring home from your paycheck)
  • Living Expenses (In detail: drive-thru, utilities, including a “Pay Yourself” Savings tab)
  • Debts (Even what Uncle Charlie let you borrow when your car broke down…Pay him FIRST!)
  • ABC:A budget should be Achievable, income-based; Believable, realistic and Conceivable-flexible enough to allow for changes in the family’s financial situation and still pay financial commitments.

Remember – Creating a household budget should involve the entire household, everyone will benefit from setting and achieving financial goals.

* For use of a free short or long form budget go to the Tools bar on our website and print out the sheets provided for your assistance. PLEASE call our Friendly, Certified Counselors if you sense you need a Financial Fitness Coach in any of your financial decisions.